Library Guide for Students

Library Hours 

 Regular TermHolidays
Monday - Friday8 : 45 〜 20 : 459 : 00 〜 16 : 45
Saturday8 : 45 〜 15 : 459 : 00 〜 15 : 45

  • The library is closed on Sundays, some national holidays, and temporarily on certain days due to university’s circumstances.
    Information regarding opening hours is available on the Information Board outside of the library and on the library website.
Library Guide


Your ID card is required for entering the library and checking out books.



Circulation Counter, Reference Counter, Maps, Newspapers, Language-learning Materials, Dictionaries, Bunko and Shinsho (Paperbacks in Japanese),Periodicals, Multi-lingual Leisure Texts, Online Catalog (OPAC), Databases of NDL


Books in Non-Japanese Languages, including the Asian Studies Collection and Reference Books, KGU Faculty Publications, Dissertations on Japan in English, Online Catalog (OPAC)


Books in Japanese, Large-sized Books, Online Catalog (OPAC)

【Learning Commons (Reservations needed for using computers and rooms)

Group Study Rooms, Presentation Rooms, Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Printers, Reference Books, Picture Books, Manga, Graded English Books, Instruction Books for Presentations, Online Catalog (OPAC)         


Circulation Counter, Reference Counter, Presentation Room 1

Japanology, Reference Books, and Books in Non-Japanese Languages, Dictionaries in Foreign Languages, Manga, Online Catalog (OPAC)

Reference Books, Graded English Books, Multi-lingual Leisure Texts, Periodicals, Dictionaries, Language-learning Materials, Large-sized Books, Newspapers, Online Catalog (OPAC)

【Creative Area -Hana- (Reservations needed for using computers and rooms)
Group Study Rooms, Presentation Room 2, Laptop Computers, Desktop Computers, Instruction Books for Presentations


Check-out = Kashidashi (貸出)

Your ID card is needed to borrow materials at the Circulation Counter.
The number of materials you can borrow and loan period are as below.

  Number of items  
 International students  
 2 weeks 
Domestic students10

*You cannot borrow reference books with “R” labels, journals, newspapers, and other resources.

  Please use them inside the library.

Reservation = Yoyaku (予約)

You can reserve materials that are currently being borrowed by others. To make a reservation, please visit MyLibrary on the library website.
When your reserved materials are available, you will be informed on Rapport.  To access Rapport, click Asian Studies Program on the website of Kansaigaidai University first, then find “Current Students” and click it.
Reserved materials will be kept at the Circulation Counter for only one week. Please come to the library promptly.

Mutual Lending between Two Campuses = Sogo-riyo (相互利用)

You can use the mutual borrowing and lending system between the libraries on the Nakamiya and the Gotenyama campuses.  The materials usually arrive at the library to which you submitted your request by 13:00 on the following day you asked.  For a request submitted on Friday, materials will come by 13:00 the following Monday.
Please note that your loan period starts from the day following your request, regardless of when you check them out. The delivered materials should be checked out within a week of its arrival. Please come to the library promptly.

Returning Books = Henkyaku (返却)

Please return the materials to the Circulation Counter.
When the library is closed, please use the Book Return Box outside of the library entrance.

Overdue = Entai (延滞)

You will be suspended from borrowing materials for the same period of time as your overdue loans.

Renewal = Koshin (更新)

You can extend your borrowing period one time before the due date, except when the materials have been reserved by others or when you are suspended from library privileges.
To renew the loan period, please bring the materials along with your ID card to the Circulation Counter.
Renewal can also be done online through MyLibrary.

Reference Service

When you need some help in locating materials or finding ways to search them, our staff can provide some assistance at the Circulation Counter.

Interlibrary Loan Service

The students of Kansaigaidai University may request interlibrary loans for materials that are not available in our library.
Requests should be made at the Circulation Counter.
A journal article or a book may be obtained with photocopies, and books can be borrowed from other libraries unless your requested materials are restricted from lending. You will be charged for postage and copy fees.
Please note that materials borrowed from other libraries should not be brought out of our library.